A sci-fi/slice-of-life about an abandoned summer house. This is a beta/ prototype of the first 25% of the actual story. The demo ends when you enter the second dining room.

This is an entry for  Godot Wild Jam 11, with the theme "parallel worlds".

Story intro

The story takes place in your grandmother's abandoned summer home. It’s all boarded up now, but you used to spend your summers there with your extended family (parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, the whole lot..).

It all stopped when one of your nephews, Junah, suddenly vanished without a trace. Fortunately he did return a week later, once again seemingly out of nowhere, well fed and in good health. Despite the happy ending it left the whole family having mixed feelings about the island and they gradually stopped using the house; it’s now been abandoned for almost a decade.

It is a somewhat cloudy summer day when you finally return, not to meet family but for more practical reasons. A conflict of ownership about the island. They property deeds are supposed to be in a hidden safe somewhere. 

Unfortunately, your granny always had some trust issues and also didn’t tell anyone where the safe is. And now that old age has finally starting to catch up with her otherwise sharp intellect, she only faintly remembers safe is any more, and you can just hope you can figure out the pass code somehow. But if you send her some pictures with your phone, perhaps that will illuminate some of her memories.



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