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The year is 2101 and the two planets Tellus and Mars negotiating an important trade agreement. But something is out of proper order. The equipment att NMEDF (Northern Mars Exosperical Defence Force) indicate spatial disturbances behinde the Marsian moon Phobos, and sometimes asteroids and satelites orbiting the planet vanish from radar, only to appear again a few moments later.


earth-invades-v1.1.zip 15 MB
earth-invades-v1.1.dmg 18 MB

Install instructions

Windows:  Unpack the zip-archive in a location free of space debrish and run 'EarthInvades-v1.1.exe' to start the game.

Mac: Mount the dmg-image, then drag the application to a the 'Applications' folder (or wherever you'd like to keep it).

Development log