The day is finally here. Your fiancé is properly introducing you to their family. You're a bit anxious, it's going to be fine. There shouldn't be any problems at all really. I mean, they don't know your secret.. and neither do you know theirs.

Development status:
This short story was originally conceived for Godot Wild #24.

It's currently fairly short (5-10 minutes depending how fast you read) and ends at a 'cliffhanger' of sorts.

Source code:
The entire Godot project is freely available, in case any one who wants to take a peak under the hood.


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That beginning was interesting, I'd be happy to play the final version if you ever do it! :D


Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it.
I want to get back to this game at some point. Knowing others are eager to see what happens next is always motivating.