This is a text adventure inspired by the cartridge "Left us" from the Famicase 2021 exibition. It features a bleak future where rising sea levels most of our contemporary civilisation has (literally) been washed a way. Humanity may never have seen darker times, but after decades of strife and turmoil, a new normal has finally settled; the effort to reconnect and rebuild has begun.

Playing in full screen is highly recommended.

Tools used


  • Keep an eye on your fresh water supply. Water is life.
  • Some items can save you out of a pinch, other are useful when opportunity strikes, and finally some are most helpful as trading commodities.
  • Your vessel is small. Avoid bringing what you do not need.

I've not been able to contact the creator of the original cartridge.  If this is your cartridge, then I'd like to retrospectively ask for you blessing to use it.  I am @pacifist_rioter on Twitter.


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Left-us--u2.html 423 kB

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